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Although I do not align myself with any particular group, I recognise that there is a wealth of resources available. Like any belief framework, there will always be differences even among believers bearing the same banner. Holding a banner automatically associates you with everyone else holding it. “Reformed, eh? So you believe…”

For this reason I hesitate to link to other groups. Search technology is so sophisticated these days that if you’ve found me, you’ve probably already found dozens that I would have recommended.


I can’t help but recommend the following series of short videos, (from the Fulfilled Communications Group). Enjoy.

Quoted from their website: Over eighteen months in production, we are excited to provide this tool for introducing Preterism to others. You’ve Gotta Be Kidding . . . Right? chronicles Brian L. Martin’s (General editor of Fulfilled! Magazine) journey to Preterism. Join him as he encounters scriptural principles like audience relevance, apocalyptic language, cloud-comings, and more.

Lighthearted enough to make viewers laugh, interesting enough to keep viewers engaged, and truth-packed enough to make an impact.

Prelimary viewings have left Preterists clamoring for copies to distribute and Futurists stunned at the scriptural support for Preterism.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding… Right?

Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Apocalyptic Language
Chapter 3: End of the World?
Chapter 4: Audience Relevance
Chapter 5: Coming in the Clouds
Chapter 6: Partial Preterism
Chapter 7: The Kingdom
Chapter 8: Double Fulfillment
Chapter 9: Audience Relevance #2
Chapter 10: A New Beginning
Chapter 11: Resources & Credits

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